Introducing Scorpion, the CRS-I Solution from Endeavor Robotics. Built especially for infantry, EOD, and CBRN personnel, the lightweight, rugged Scorpion is easy to deploy and features best-in-class mobility and manipulation capabilities.

Scorpion is currently only available to the United States DOD.

Rugged, Lightweight, and Easy to Deploy

  • Navigates harsh environments and all weather conditions
  • Protected from drops thanks to an arm that stows between and under the tracks
  • Slips in and out of rucksacks for quick deployment

Best-in-Class Mobility

  • Easily tackles rocks, mud, water, sand and other rough terrain
  • Climbs & descends stairs
  • Self-rights after rollovers

Superior Manipulation

  • Highly dexterous arm with many degrees of freedom
  • Continuous rotation

Robust Situational Awareness

  • Many cameras, including PTZ and thermal
  • Picture-in-picture video streaming provides multiple camera angles
  • Optional inline gripper camera

Scorpion Image Gallery

Scorpion easily navigates through water
Scorpion maneuvers through rough terrain
The lightweight Scorpion is easy to deploy
The rugged Scorpion can be placed in operation quickly
Benefit from surgical precision when operating the robot
Superior grip at full extension
Scorpion's manipulator arm offers several degrees of freedom to reach hard to access areas
In case of rollover, Scorpion can be programmed to right itself automatically