Endeavor Robotics Forms Advisory Board of Influential Industry Experts (12/14/2017)

To enhance product development and strategic vision, newly formed Advisory Board welcomes two former senior government officials




Chelmsford, Mass., December 14, 2017 – Endeavor Robotics, the U.S.-based global leader in tactical ground robotics is proud to welcome two former senior government officials, Eric Rosenbach and Katrina McFarland to its advisory board. The primary role of the board will be to offer critical and strategic guidance on issues related to national security threats, advancements in unmanned ground robotics and future technology needs of first responders and military personnel.


Eric Rosenbach is a former Pentagon Chief of Staff and the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Global Security and Homeland Defense. As Chief of Staff, he managed the Department’s most sensitive decisions and ensured implementation of transformative changes in the Department’s technology, budget and talent management.  As Assistant Secretary, Rosenbach was responsible for leading all aspects of the Department’s cyber strategy, policy, and operations.  Prior to his public service, Rosenbach was Principal for a global management consulting firm where he advised executives on risk mitigation strategies. He currently serves as Co-Director of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School.


Katrina McFarland comes to Endeavor’s advisory board having recently retired from the Department of Defense. McFarland served as the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, where she was the principal advisor to both the Secretary and Under Secretary of Defense on all matters pertaining to acquisition. McFarland’s honorable career also included serving as the Assistant Secretary to the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology.


“Eric and Katrina’s unparalleled experience will provide invaluable insight into the Department of Defense’s long-term vision for robotics. We are deeply honored that they have chosen to join Endeavor’s Advisory Board,” said Endeavor Robotics CEO, Sean Bielat. “Their support will be an important part of our continued leadership in the ground robotics industry.”



About Endeavor Robotics:

Endeavor Robotics is the world’s largest supplier of unmanned ground vehicles and has delivered over 6,500 units to 40+ countries, totaling 3 million hours of robot operation. Every day Endeavor products operate in areas of conflict, assist law enforcement agencies and respond to natural disasters to protect human lives. Endeavor Robotics is 100% based in the United States – including R&D, manufacturing, staffing and ownership. Endeavor employs over 100 people and draws on 28 years of experience.

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