"Endeavor Robotics awarded a USD9.2 million follow-on order for SUGVs" (IHS Jane's, 3/22/18)

By Melanie Rovery | Jane's International Defence Review | March 22, 2018

On 15th March, Endeavor Robotics announced that it had received USD9.2 million for a large number of small unmanned ground vehicles (SUGVs) for the US Marine Corps (USMC). The award follows a previous USD15 million SUGV order in 2017. As with the previous order, the platforms will be supplied with Endeavor’s uPoint Multi-Robot Control System. This follow-on order will bring the total number of SUGVs with uPoint controllers and Persistent Systems radios delivered to the USMC to more than 200.

The SUGV is a lightweight, robotic vehicle that weighs less than 13.6 kg and can be carried by a single person.

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