Endeavor Robotics “FirstLook” Throwable Robot Set to Debut Among SOF


If you’ve ever either been involved in or watched an operation on television involving the use of robots in IED or bomb detection operations, the chances are you’ve seen some of Endeavor Robotics products in action.

Endeavor is the largest independent supplier of battle-tested UGVs (unmanned ground vehicle) to the U.S. military with over 6000 robot units worldwide operating in over 40 countries. Their robots have over 3 million hours of operational experience. They’ve been in the industry for the past 27 years, formerly operating as Defense & Security Unit at IRobot. They offer a very diverse, versatile array of UGVs to support the military, law enforcement and public safety as well as the industrial sectors. Their units range from the 5-lb FirstLook to the 500-lb Kobra which can lift about 350 pounds. Read more...