"iRobot spinoff sells throwable robot to Marines" (ZDNet, 5/9/18)

Defense has become an important early market for commercial robotics companies as autonomous and teleoperated platforms edge onto battlefields

ZDNet | By Greg Nichols for Robotics  | May 9, 2018


The U.S. Marine Corps just awarded $10 million for a ruggedized "throwable" robot useful in situational assessment in tactical situations.

The platform is made by Endeavor Robotics, which was previously known as iRobot's Defense & Security Business Unit. iRobot spun the unit off and sold to Arlington Capital in 2016.

Endeavor recently landed two additional Marine Corps contracts totaling $24 million, a sign of the growing role defense interests are playing in the robotics industry. Another Endeavor robot was named one of two finalists in an Army down-select competition that will anoint a common man-packable (sub-25 pound) ground robot for Army deployment.

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