"AUSA Global: Endeavor Robotics’ Focus Includes US Army’s Next-Gen UGV" (3/28/18)

Mönsch Publishing Group | March 28, 2018

Endeavor Robotics is the largest robot supplier to the US Defense Department, providing more than 3 million hours of robot operation. Tom Frost, Endeavor Robotics’ president, pointed out: “We have shipped over 6,500 robot systems to 40+ countries around the world for international defence forces, law enforcement, and energy and industrial markets.”

... [Frost] described internal technology thrusts in progress at Endeavor. At the top of the list – the company is constantly working to make its robots smarter. “We're developing greater degrees of autonomy that allow our robots to perform more of the mission on their own rather than being tele-operated by the operator. We have developed capability that allows our robots to autonomously explore a building or cave, and then create a map for a squad that may be looking to enter,” Mr. Frost emphasised. “This map is rich with information that is critical to know when entering – about where doors, hallways and stairs are located. And our robots can even mark areas on the map where they encountered hazardous materials/gases, weapons or people.”

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