“We design products that let someone come home to their family …”

A glimpse of company culture at Endeavor Robotics

By Holly Konieczny, Director of Human Resources


Most all of us have worked for companies that say they make a difference. But ‘making a difference’ can be a low bar to hurdle. Let’s face it, if an organization isn’t making a difference in some way, shape or form, they probably won’t be around very long.

At Endeavor Robotics, we take making a difference to another level.

Working at Endeavor, you’ll get to tackle issues every day that literally could spell the difference between life and death for those who rely on our products. We design and build the most trusted, rugged, easiest-to-operate robots used to safeguard life and property around the world, whatever the mission. That’s who we are. That’s what we do.

Whether it’s an IED by the roadside in Kabul, a suspicious package at a Dallas post office, or a chemical leak at a plant in Vancouver, Endeavor robots are on the job helping to keep our troops, first responders, and the public safe.

It’s a passion shared by everybody on our team.

“It’s very rare to be in a situation where you can say, ‘Hey, what I did this year, this week, is going to save somebody’s life,” says Principal Systems Engineer Mark Claffee. “You join Endeavor if you want a high paced, high tech job that can actually make a difference in this world.”

When you work here, everyone contributes.

“You join Endeavor if you want a high paced, high tech job that can actually make a difference in this world.” – Mark Claffee

“Each individual is critically important,” explains Susan Macchia, Senior Manager of software engineering. “Everything you do matters. It matters to our customers. I keep learning from them, they keep learning from me. That’s fulfilling.”

“Diversity is key here,” says Endeavor President Tom Frost. “We need people that have played different roles, have different experiences, have seen issues from the technical side and the customer side. Endeavor is special because we’re a small team of technologists, roboticists, veterans, all dedicated to solving some of the hardest problems out there.”

It’s a challenging work environment. And a supportive one.

“I love the range of projects we get to work on,” remarks Carl Vonnegut, Senior Manager of mechanical engineering. “We have a very flat organizational structure, which I think allows us to be very nimble, responding quickly to changes driven by the customer or the market.

Claffee agrees. “It’s a fun group of people to work with. It doesn’t matter what level somebody is — from the most junior all the way up to the CEO, everyone’s accessible, everyone’s willing to chat. On a day to day basis, you work with some really bright, motivated people.”

We think that’s what a company’s culture should be all about. Putting smart, driven people together in a collaborative environment. When you do, good things are bound to happen. Important things.

“We’re delivering products that can save a life. That can let someone come back home to their family,” says Director of Engineering Tung Ng.

“Endeavor Robotics is not just a nine-to-five job,” Tung adds. “We make products that make a difference.”