“The U.S. Army could acquire a fleet of 3,000 bomb-defusing Scorpion robots”

Digital Trends | December 4, 2018


It sounds like something out a science fiction movie, but it’s not: The U.S. Army may be well on its way to acquiring a 3,000 strong fleet of battlefield-ready scorpion robots.

The robots in question are the creation of Endeavor Robotics, a leading company in developing and building tactical unmanned ground vehicles. Called the Scorpion, the sub-25-pound robots are small enough to be carried in a backpack. Once removed, they can then be powered up in less than one minute and used for carrying out a variety of tasks, including remotely defusing bombs.

“Once on the ground, Scorpion can travel over rough terrain, up and down inclines, climb stairs, and even operate while submerged,” CEO Sean Bielat told Digital Trends. “It has a unique manipulator arm that can rotate continuously to grasp anything nearby, plus multiple cameras to give its operator various high definition views — [such as] thermal and night-vision — for excellent situational awareness. Scorpion’s gripper provides best-in-class strength for a robot of this weight.”

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