Endeavor Robotics holds demo for Congressman Trent Kelly as company headcount jumps 30%

  Mississippi congressman the 14th member of House Armed Services Committee to meet with largest ground robot maker for U.S. military; Endeavor’s headcount surges more than 30% in 2018 as it fills major DoD program orders | BOSTON, July 2, 2018 ― Endeavor Robotics demonstrated its tactical unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) and… [Read More]

“Marine Corps EOD techs will soon have this ‘throwable robot’ in their arsenal”

Marine Corps Times | May 26, 2018 | By Todd South    A new Marine Corps purchase will help explosive ordnance disposal technicians gain access to smaller or out-of-reach areas. Marines now have a “throwable” robotbuilt to be slung, flung or dropped in just about any terrain or conditions. The Corps has contracted… [Read More]

Endeavor Robotics Names David Adams as Chief Financial Officer

20-year defense industry veteran signs on as company’s first CFO | BOSTON, May 16, 2018 ― Endeavor Robotics, the world’s leading provider of unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), announced that David Adams has joined the company as chief financial officer, effective immediately. Adams will oversee all financial activity at Endeavor, including… [Read More]

Endeavor Robotics to Provide its FirstLook® ‘Throwable’ Robots to U.S. Marine Corps under New $10 Million Contract

Lightweight robot can be thrown through windows, over walls; Follows two earlier Marine orders for the company’s midsize SUGV robot | BOSTON, May 7, 2018 ― Endeavor Robotics, the world’s leading supplier of unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs), announced that the U.S. Marine Corps has awarded a $10 million contract for the… [Read More]

Endeavor Robotics Awarded Major US Army Contract to Develop the Next Generation ‘Back-Packable’ Robot

Endeavor one of two finalists sharing $429 million awarded contracts to compete for the Common Robotic System–Individual (CRS-I) production program | BOSTON, April 9, 2018 ― Endeavor Robotics, the world’s leading supplier of unmanned ground vehicles, announced that it has won the Engineering Manufacturing Development (EMD) contract for the US Army’s… [Read More]

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker Tours Endeavor Robotics

Leading robotics firm has created high-tech jobs, enhancing state’s reputation as one of the top ‘Robotics Hubs’ in the U.S. | BOSTON, March 20, 2018 ― Endeavor Robotics, the world’s leading supplier of Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs), today hosted Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker at its headquarters in Chelmsford, Mass. Governor Baker… [Read More]